The KiBO Code Review + A Real, Non-Junk Bonus

The KiBO Code is a brand new product launching in January 2020, and it is (quite literally) the latest and greatest release from Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth (more on why I say that in a minute). If you don’t know anything about them, let me tell you a little bit more: They’re pros. And they’re the real deal.

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth

Steve and Aidan have been doing 1-2 releases of different softwares, products, and services across different niches for over a decade. Each one meets different needs across different markets and niches, but there is one thing that is really consistent among all of them: They always do very well, and they always get amazing results. Year after year, release after release, and across different types of users in different markets and niches, the results that people get are consistently great.

I’ve rarely seen any other products released over this long of a time period have this consistency of quality, success, and most importantly, results. And believe me, that is very refreshing in the online space.

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth on Incognito Affiliate

That’s Steve and Aidan in a nutshell. Now let’s talk about The KiBO Code.

What Is The KiBO Code?

Important: It’s VERY important to note that NO affiliates with “reviews” you’ve seen on Google have already purchased or gone through The ​KiBO Code ​program.  

​The  KiBO Code Training is being done LIVE, meaning – any “online marketers” who claim to be members and have already gone through the ​training aren’t being honest with you.

The KiBO Code is more than a “course” or a “system”. It is a tested, tried, and proven eCommerce business model developed by Steve and Aidan themselves. When you take a look at the product (direct link here), they are very transparent about the model. Not only do they already have millions of dollars of in-house earnings as proof, but they also have tons of testimonials from students who are currently absolutely crushing it with this model.

Earlier I mentioned that it was literally the latest and greatest release from Steven and Aidan. Here’s why:

The largest launch that Steven and Aidan have ever done (in over a decade of launching multiple successful products) was called “7 Figure Cycle” in 2018. They had conducted their own testing of the system and gotten incredible results. Their initial students got them too. And the launch was huge, with countless success stories from people who used it.

And even with a system as good and successful as that, there was also feedback from students. Many new questions were discovered and answered along the way, refining the system and making it even better.

There were also things in the system that even though they worked, some people would have rather done things differently, or not done them at all. They had key objections like doing anything with Amazon, which is understandable. If you’ve ever sold anything on Amazon (I haven’t), or promoted them as an affiliate with the Amazon Associates Program (I have, ugh), there are a TON of terms and conditions that are always changing, and Amazon is just not always a great platform to use or promote. It’s great, and it works for a lot of people. But it’s also a headache, and even when people are successful for a period of time, in the end it is often full of headaches, significant changes, and unpleasant experiences. So that’s completely understandable.

This business model takes absolutely everything that they learned from all of it. The system that worked incredibly well and was refined even further is now even better.

In The KiBO Code business model, you don’t need to involve Amazon at all. And you won’t need to deal with a warehouse or foreign suppiler of any kind. You don’t need to have a budget on hand for any items, because here is absolutely no inventory to buy, manage, store, move, ship, or anything at all. You will never even touch a product. You will only use your computer to put products on your website. You also won’t need to have a budget on hand to run any paid Facebook Ads or anything like that.

To sum that up:

  • NO Inventory
  • NO Amazon
  • NO Facebook Ads

All of these common objections that people might have in trying a system or model like this one are eliminated. And trust me, that’s a great thing. Sound too good to be true? Welcome to The KiBO Code.

The KiBO Code Model

The model is very specific. It is based on the highly profitable store in Japan called Mega Store. This model puts an emphasis on products, not niches.

Tokyo Mega Store That The KiBO Code Model Is Based On

Here’s how it works:

They stock products. And then they just look at the numbers. When a product is selling well, they keep stocking it and put it in more prominent places in the store. When a product isn’t selling, they just replace it with another product. They simply look at the numbers behind the products, and that is all. They don’t care if the product is a can of beans, a fidget spinner, a pillow, or a blender. They simply run their stores by numbers. If a product is selling well, they keep selling it, and they put it in a prominent place for their customers to see. As soon as it stops selling as well, they move it and put another product that is selling well in that prominent place.

There is no emotional attachment to the products. They do not care at all about the product that is selling. They only care that it IS selling.

It’s really that simple.

How The KiBO Code Works

The KiBO Code applies this same concept to building an E-commerce website. You do the same thing as the Japanese Mega Store with the products on your site. You keep the products that sell, and keep them at the top. And you replace the ones that aren’t with others.

They’ve already put the whole system together. They’ve got a step by step process, with softwares and tools to help you do each step quickly.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the steps

Get A Domain Name – You buy a generic, high quality domain name that works perfectly for your store to sell all kinds of products. As part of The KiBO Code, you get access to a tool that helps you find really good ones quickly.

Website Setup – Setting up the website literally takes 60 seconds, because as part of The KiBO Code, you get an already tested, preloaded, high converting theme that you simply install and you are ready to go.

Product Selection – Included with the KiBO Code is a software and all of the training to quickly select profitable products. You don’t care about the product or niche, but instead, from a selection of over 3 million items, you quickly learn how to identify highly profitable items to sell.

Listing Products – Their software gives you everything that you need to quickly create the product listings on your site with no image or text/description creation required.

Send Traffic – You instantly start sending traffic to your product listings. As part of The KiBO Code training, you will be learning about and using traffic methods that are cheap, underrated, and vastly untapped.

Sales – When you make sales, all the orders are fulfilled by USA based drop-shippers. They fulfill and ship the order directly to the customer. You NEVER touch, or even see the product. Orders are fulfilled and shipped quickly because they are based in the US, rather than taking a couple of weeks or more because they are coming from overseas.

Optimize – As you are selling products, you will learn how to optimize your site. You will learn to keep the profitable products, and eliminate the ones that aren’t. This will allow you to keep scaling up by repeating The KiBO Code process over and over. Products that aren’t selling will roll off, and you will continue to test and find new winning products as well. All the while, profitability is increasing.

A Circular Process – As you learn and get better at the process, instead of having to learn new things to grow and scale, you just keep repeating the same process. The more you do it, the better you will get, which means you will do it more, which means you will get even better, which means you will do it more, etc.

As you do The KiBO Code, you are getting better at it constantly while increasing profit constantly. It’s win-win all the way around.

What You Get When You Purchase The KiBO Code

The KiBO Code by Steve and Aidan on Incogrnito Affiliate

When you purchase The KiBO Code, you’ll receive all of the training, software, proven and optimized website theme for your storefront and product pages, the product database and identification tools, a control center, coaching, support, and community to help you succeed as quickly and easily as possible.

Why Does The Cart Close?

This part is really important. When Steve and Aidan launch courses, systems, and models like this, they spend months and even a year or more testing the specific strategy heavily themselves, as well as with a pilot group of students. They measure every step of the process, and are extremely in-depth and meticulous with every detail of the system. And they also measure the results and refine over and over and over until they have something that is making them millions of dollars, and making their students great profit as well.

This is how their process works. And once its complete, they launch the product in a very specific way. This is very important to understand.

When they release a system like this, there is a very limited window of time to buy it. The cart is usually only open for about a week. And once it closes, it’s gone forever. And there is a VERY good reason for it.

As soon as the launch closes, the process is just getting started for the students. And as people start doing the system, Steve and Aidan are heavily involved in ongoing coaching, learning, strategy, support and forums, Q&A’s, weekly calls, and more. The cart is only open for a week, but the rest of the year and beyond is when people are actually doing, and Steve and Aidan are a huge part of that process. They work very closely with everyone involved in the system.

If the product remained for sale, they would constantly be an influx of new people, which could actually dilute the ongoing process a bit. There would constantly be new people who were not up to speed in the months following all of the ongoing pieces of the process. So they open up the system for sale, and once it closes, it stays that way so that the people who are doing it can really do it.

This is how each one of their systems work. And it’s why the results are always so good. The system is already proven, it’s opened to the people who are really going to do it, and it’s never opened to anyone else after the week that it is for sale so that people can really do it.

Each of these systems over the past decade have created entire livelihoods online for countless-thousands of people. Their systems and strategies have changed the course of peoples lives, careers, and financial health.

When Does The KiBO Code Launch?

The KiBO Code Launches in January 2020.

The cart opens on January 28th. And it remains open until February 6th. And once it closes, just like all of their past products, it is gone forever. Steve and Aidan do a lot of work with the people who buy their courses, products, and systems. So once the cart closes, the system begins, and they get to work doing it. And the testimonies quickly follow.

With this system being the culmination of all that they learned from their biggest launch ever, this is probably one that you don’t want to miss. If you’ve looked at their products and systems in the past and haven’t tried one yet, then this is a great one to start with. Your life will be changed.

If you have never heard of them and just happen to be looking at this as something you are considering to get started making money online, then you came to a great product at a great time.

Maybe you want to simply generate additional income in your free time on nights and weekends. Maybe you want to replace your job altogether and be your own boss. Maybe you love what you do and are simply looking for something to make more money doing. Or, maybe the hope of doing something that could free you from your job is the most liberating thought in the world.

That was me. Stuck. Unhappy. Feeling like a captive in my own life. Unfulfilled. Spinning my wheels only to dig a deeper rut. Learning how to make money online absolutely changed my life forever. The first time that I received a payout of a couple hundred dollars was the most elating feeling in the world.

The first month that I made more money online that I did at my job was even better. And quitting my job over 2 years ago and experiencing the freedom of working for myself changed the course or my life forever. And it will change your life too.

The Easiest Way To Start (With A Proven System)

Take it from me. Don’t try to do everything. In fact, DO THE OPPOSiTE!!!!!!

Every single time that I teach, coach, consult, or even have a conversation with someone about making money online, I encourage people to do this: Find ONE THING. Learn everything that you can about it. Dive into it and do it until you get results. Assess, refine, and do it again. Repeat this process until you are successful and an expert at that one thing. That will get you results, and it makes you valuable. It makes your time coaching and teaching worth so much more for that one thing than being ok at several things.

And for people just getting started, I always recommend this: Find one system, process, or model that people are doing successfully, and go 100% in on it. No distractions. No Detours. Find a proven model or system, and pay money for it to save yourself hundreds or thousands of hours of unsuccessful trial and error (and HARD WORK along the way) with nothing to show for it. You will be right where you are now in a few years.

Accelerate yourself forward by finding something that works, and do it until you succeed. That’s “the secret”. That’s “the shortcut”. That’s the only thing that will get you from point A to point B faster. Combine that with due diligence, consistent effort, and sticking with it, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

I don’t sell people on what 90% of the “gurus” and “self-proclaimed” experts say. The right system and the right effort are what it takes. That’s not as “sexy” as someone getting out of a Lamborghini they rented for the day and walking into a large home that isn’t theirs with stacks of cash they borrowed from the bank in each hand telling you that in 30 days you can be making $20,000/mo. with their proven system that has no testimonials.

A system like this gives you 2 things:

A system that works, which can save you 1,000’s of hours and dollars


You will get results MUCH sooner rather than later because the work that you put in from day 1 is action towards getting results.

If you are serious about changing your life, do yourself a favor and check out The KiBO Code. Plug into a business model that will get you where you want to be in months instead of years. Let 2020 be the year that you fire your boss and hire yourself. Turn years into months. Most importantly, invest in the most important thing that you can: You.

Your life doesn’t have to be the same in one year from now. In fact, it can be drastically different. And The KiBO Code can be the vehicle to get you there.

I am offering a very custom, tailored fit bonus to the first 25 people who purchase The KiBO Code through my link (click on any link or image on this page to go straight to it).

Let’s be honest. Most people just put together a bonus stack that they try to use for everything. It’s chock full of email swipes, guides, ebooks, softwares, plugins, extensions, and more that are absolutely useless with the product that you are buying.

I am not going to do that.

The KiBO Code is a big deal. It’s something that jump start your online income, and quickly. And I want to help with that process.

For the first 25 people that buy, I am offering something that will help you on your journey: Me.

I will do 2 1-hour coaching calls to help you along the way. I will answer questions that you have, and help you IMPLEMENT and DO what you are learning. Because that’s the most crucial part.

And you don’t have to claim these in the first 60 days, because the training is going to be done live over the course of a few weeks. So you can claim them if you want to during the first 60 days, or in the month or two following when the training sessions are done and you are doing everything that you’ve learned.

Sometimes it helps to just have someone to talk to, run things by, ask questions, and talk through. I have been in the online game for over a decade, and can answer your questions and give you direction.

In addition to the 2 main calls, I know that along the way you will have small, short questions. For the couple of months following the launch, I will respond to your smaller questions on Facebook Messenger. If you have a question, hit me up and I’ll get an answer your way.

So there you go. I am giving you something to help you succeed rather than junk you don’t need. Simple as that.

I am rooting for you, and I hope that 2020 will be a year of amazing results, goals reached, and dreams fulfilled.

Here’s the link to The KiBO Code. Use it or any link on this page to get it, and reach out to me here:

To your success,


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