Clickbank Breaks The Internet Review

Hello everyone, and welcome to Incognito Affiliate! My name is Tyler (that’s me in the video above). I’m glad that you’re here, and I am excited to tell you all about this launch!

Clickbank Breaks The Internet (Direct Link) is an exciting launch that has been a long time coming. After all of the development for everything in this offer concluded, Clickbank spent more than a year testing it internally, and the results have been fantastic!

And now that everything is ready, they are bundling it all together into one incredible launch, at an incredible one-time price. And after this launch, these products won’t be available for a single price, but only available as a monthly subscription. If you’re like me, I’d much rather pay for something once. Read on to learn everything that you need to know.

This launch gives you the training they have developed, as well as tools that they have developed to do exactly what they teach.

Quick Overview (What’s Included In This Offer)

Let me give you a quick overview of everything that is included in the launch, and then I’m going to tell you about each one individually.

All of the following are included:

Clickbank University 2.0 Premium: Clickbank’s proven system

Clickbank Builder 2.0 Unlimited: Their powerful software for creating sites and pages

Clickbank WebinarX: A whole new way to Webinar and earn high ticket commissions with automated webinar technology both promoting your own offers and promoting other offers as an affiliate

Now let’s take an up close look at each of them.

Clickbank University 2.0 Premium

Clickbank University 2.0 (direct link) is an effective marketing system completely designed by Clickbank. Here are some of the highlights:

-It is a system that anybody can do (and Clickbank has been proving this for over 5 years now).

-It can be done by a single person. It does not require a full team of people, and all of the overhead and expenses that come with that.

-It is something that can be done on the side, completely in addition to a full time job. And it is something that can grow to quickly replace your income and become a full-time thing for yourself. And it can grow into something that produces a lot of income on autopilot, actually giving you freedom!

-It is a system that is completely newbie friendly, and will teach you everything that you need to know to get started from the ground up.

-It also has a lot to offer to more experienced marketers that help you expedite and increase your current results.

-Everything included in this offer gives you the knowledge, strategies, AND tools you need to get started, meaning you can do this with no additional budget at first. Of course, as you grow as a marketer and your business grows, you may want to try new things and incorporate other things into your business, but you that will only be after experiencing results with this program, giving you the knowledge and finances to use those effectively.

With this Clickbank Breaks The Internet offer, one of the absolute biggest perks is that you get Clickbank University (as well as the other products included in this launch) for a flat, one-time price. It is normally a month to month subscription where you have access to everything, but once you stop the subscription you no longer have access.

For a training like this, it’s always nice to be able to go back and reference things over time. And with this offer, you can do that without a recurring monthly subscription, which I think is a massive perk.

What Is Clickbank University 2.0

You can read my full review of Clickbank University 2.0 right here, but I will also give you some info about it right now.

Clickbank University (direct link) first launched in 2014. This new digital age is a golden opportunity for people to make money online, but so many people don’t know how it works.

Clickbank University teaches 2 very effective strategies to help anyone make money online, even in a completely side-hustle context. Even with a full time job or career, it can be done successfully. These strategies are both a great way to get started making money online, as well as a great way for someone who is already making money online to scale their business and make more.

The first thing that it teaches you is how to create, market, and sell your own information products online. The most common form that these would be is either a video training series or an ebook training. They have a solid process that has worked for thousands and thousand of people. The testimonials are abundant. The system is proven. People are using Clickbank University 2.0 everyday to successfully sell their own information products online.

And the second thing they teach is how to sell other people’s products as an affiliate. This is called affiliate marketing. The concept of affiliate marketing is very simple. It means that someone has a product to sell, and they let you sell it, and pocket part of the sale price as commission.

Let’s use an information product for an example. Let’s say that John Smith sells a course on how to become a really good skateboarder. It’s a great course, and it sells for $997. John Is a great skateboarder, but he’s not a marketer. He allows anyone to become an affiliate of his course, and for every sale that they make, he gives a 50% commission. He pockets $500, and you pocket $500. Simple as that.

Clickbank University 2.0 teaches very current, up-to-date, and effective strategies for making and selling your own products, and selling other peoples products as affiliates.

Lastly, there is a very interactive forum where members are talking about everything, which is incredibly helpful. And there’s also a weekly Q&A Webinar. That alone is an incredibly valuable resource. Questions are being asked and answered all the time, helping you continue to do things the right way.

Clickbank Builder 2.0 Unlimited

Clickbank University 2.0 teaches you all about the strategies above. And Clickbank Builder 2.0 Unlimited is the tool to do it all with. And it makes the process of getting started very simple.

This is the perfect platform for creating the information products that you are taught in CBU and selling them. All of the tools that you need to do everything are there, perfectly tailored to follow the strategies that you are learning.

There are so many reasons that this is a great idea, but here are a few:

-You are getting CBU and Clickbank Builder 2.0 Unlimited for one flat price. It’s the tool that you need, bundled with the training that you need for one flat price, and it’s yours. I like that.

-No other costs. No external hosting costing you a recurring monthly payment, no purchasing/subscribing to a complicated platform with a steep learning curve just to do the few things that you need to do to make money with your training.

-It is built to do exactly what you are taught with CBU. It’s a platform made for you to build exactly what you are being taught to build so that you can create your product quickly and start selling.

-In CBU support forums and webinars, this is the tool that people will be using, so your questions and others questions will be answered based on using this platform. This creates a very streamlined process, and puts all your eggs in one basket so that you can create and sell.

Again, there is more on Clickbank Builder 2.0 Unlimited in my Clickbank University Full Review.

Clickbank WebinarX

This is another biggie. Webinars are a world of their own. There are lots of platforms out there, and the choice can be very hard to make, especially when you are just getting started (and even when you are very experienced as well).

And just like Clickbank Builder 2.0 being the perfect platform to jump right in to what you’ve learned in the training, Clickbank WebinarX does the same thing. It’s a webinar platform built exactly for what they teach.

They teach you how to use webinars to sell your own products, and to market other peoples products as an affiliate as well. The bread and butter here is using this to make high ticket commissions, meaning several hundred or even several thousand dollars per sale.

And, just like the rest, you are getting this all for one flat price, where most webinar tools alone would be a monthly subscription, and can get quite pricey the more that you use them (like, $100-500 per month pricey).

How Do I Get This Offer?

This is an extremely limited offer, and once it’s gone, it’s gone! But you don’t have to miss out! The cart hasn’t opened yet, but as soon as it does, there will be a link right here to get it.

The cart opens on October 28th, and it closes on November 7th. And that’s it. After that, the only way to get these products is under monthly subscriptions.

Why Should You Buy?

If you are reading this article, then it means that you are looking for something. Maybe you don’t want to be the same person that you are right now in 6 months or a year from now. Maybe your job is not your passion, maybe you’re just not the type that wants to work for someone else forever, or maybe you just want to make extra money (or a lot of money). Whatever the reason, you are reading this right now, and you are on the right track.

If you are a completely new to Internet and Online Marketing, this is a great place to start. Information products are a great source of making money online, and always have been. And they will continue to be for a long time to come. Once you do learn and this successfully, this is one strategy that you can do over and over, and continue to make money online. Some people make GREAT money just doing this, and there’s no reason that you can’t too. And this is something easily done in your off time while having a full-time job. And, it may not be long until the money you are making here completely surpasses and eclipses the money that you make from your full-time job. And maybe, one day you will wake up and you won’t need that full-time job at all.

If you’re an experienced marketer, this is a rock solid strategy to have in your quiver. Creating your own info product and running a high ticket webinar to it is an easy source of multiple four-figures and even multiple five-figures a month. Whether you’ve never done it before, of you’ve done it with little success or even moderate success, this offer gives you the training and tools to refine what you are doing and absolutely crush it. And it could revolutionize your business and your life.

Since you are reading the article, the chances are you want to do better than you are now. And this is an incredible opportunity to invest in yourself (and even save TONS in the long run) and get to work. Learn, and then put arms and legs to it and do it. Most people fail because they never act. So act. You might just be blown away at what happens. That’s exactly what happened to me. And I am not special. The same can (and will) be true for you.

Invest in yourself and try Clickbank Breaks The Internet. You are worth it!


Let’s be real. People offer bonuses all the time. And most people, honestly, just try to throw together everything that they have at their disposal to try and sound like you are getting something really valuable and awesome. They stack tons of products that they have at their disposal together. But they are chasing QUANTITY, but very likely not always offering much QUALITY.

I am not going to do that. I am going to give you something that you can use as a perfect companion to your information products that you create with this ClickBank Breaks The Internet training and softwares.

Since you are going to be creating your own information products, as well as selling other peoples’ products as an affiliate, offering great bonuses really sweetens the pot and is an incredible way to incentivize people to buy your own products and the products that you are promoting.

When you are promoting another product as an affiliate, a great bonus can really be the difference in you making sales over the competition. People read multiple reviews, and great bonuses can be the tipping point that cause people to buy!

So my bonus to you is to give you my guide to creating incredible bonuses that make your offers irresistible! I will teach you how to actually create relevant, useful bonuses the supplement and compliment whatever products you are selling and promoting.

When you purchase ClickBank Breaks The Internet by using this link or any of the others on this page, send me an email at:

I’ll send you access to my guide for creating relevant, irresistible bonuses!

Disclaimer: ClickBank University does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by Incognito Affiliate, an independent marketing affiliate.

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